The All-in-One Parenting Assistant

The first AI parenting platform that is clinically-proven to boost a child’s cognitive & language development

What is Wunder?

Wunder gives you the right information at the right time and  transforms everyday play into learning and bonding moments. 

Experience Wunder

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Assisting your parenting journey throughout the day and night

"Hey Wunder, log 4 oz of milk."

Hands-free logging of daily nursery activities like feeding, diapers or pumping to support healthy development.

"Hey Wunder, what activity can we do today?"

Our research shows that consistent daily language interactions lead up to 26% improvement in child's cognitive development over an 8-week period. 

"Hey Wunder, let's read a book!"

As you read aloud to your child, Wunder plays sound effects to increase sensory stimulation -- all while analyzing word count too!

"Hey Wunder, turn on the night light until 8am."

Use the smart Night Light to build a sleeping routines with an interactive and glowing moon in different colors. 

"Hey Wunder, turn on cry detection."

When in Night Mode, Wunder detects your baby's cry and plays automatic soothing sounds to put them back to sleep.

Wunder Companion App

Your digital, evidence-based guide and a log diary that gives you on-demand expert support, personalized activities and an ability to share data with other caregivers.

Ensure you're on track

Wunder takes the guesswork out of tracking your child’s development with our milestones quizzes and highlights.

Get on-demand support

Access advice from our education specialists in the form of 1:1 calls, tips and weekly video tutorials.

Receive daily activity ideas

Access 600+ evidence-based activity ideas and book recommendations targeted at your child's milestones. 


See what our first users are saying

"I really enjoy it especially during lockdown. It is helping me keep my sons development on track while not attending nursery."

“We are always comparing with another child but in this app you can actually compare the child’s progress with their own progress month-on-month.”

“The app makes you feel like a successful mother”

“There are so many purposeful choices that parents can make and this is app is a great tool for that”