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When will Wunder be available? How can I pre-order?

Wunder will be launching in Summer 2020 and the first shipment is planned for August. 

If you reserve your Wunder now, you will receive a 50% discount on your order when we launch. This way, we will be able to guarantee your device, as the first production batch will be limited. 

In order to reserve Wunder, please sign up with your email HERE and follow the emailed instructions so you can put down your $1 reservation fee. 

What is the age range for Wunder? 

Wunder is currently most suitable for children 0-36 months. After launch, we will be releasing updates to increase the age range up to the first 5 years of life. 

Does Wunder support other languages? 

Wunder Assistant is currently only supported in English, just like Google Home or Alexa. When it comes to language monitoring (how many words your child is exposed to), Wunder is the most accurate at counting English words, but it does also support other popular languages, e.g. Spanish, French, Chinese. 

Can I test Wunder before launch?

Yes! Our product team is always looking for parents who would like to test the Wunder device or app and give us feedback on how we might improve before launch. If you would like to participate in testing, please contact our team at hello@hellowunder.com.

What is the battery life? 

The battery of the portable “sun” lasts for 4 hours when fully charged to accommodate for a typical to above-average reading or play session duration. When the battery is depleted, you can put the “sun” back on the dock and continue using the device seamlessly.  

What materials is the device made of? 

The entire device is made of ABS plastic with matte finishing. 

Is the device always listening? 

No. A user needs to actively turn the listening mode on by saying “Hey Wunder,” followed by one of the available commands. The user can also turn on the privacy mode at any time, which will disable the microphone and ensure that no audio will be sent to the cloud. For example, this could be used when guests come over and do not want their interactions with the child to be monitored. When the privacy mode is on, the light on the “sun” changes into an orange ring.  

How is my audio data stored?

All user and audio data is stored in encrypted format anonymously. This means it is impossible for an external party to access or decrypt the audio without our secure keys. Users can also request to access all the data we collect from them, and can choose to delete it at any time.

Is this a toy? 

The Wunder device is a parenting assistant and not a toy - we do not recommend giving it to a child to play with. It should always be handled by the parent, just as they would treat Google Home or Amazon Echo.

That said, the portable “sun” is large enough to be choke-proof, and there are no small parts that could be detached. 

Does it need WiFi to work? 

Yes. Before the first use, parents must set up the device at home by connecting it to a source of power and to the home WiFi network. All functions of the device are dependent on WiFi. 

Does the device work differently in the day and night mode? 

Yes. During the day, the device is on standby by default. Users can use the wake phrase, “Hey Wunder,” to activate the device. The device also offers visual feedback via the “sun” attachment. When in night mode, the device becomes a nightlight and the “sun” becomes a “moon”. The listening mode focuses on cry detection; if a cry is detected, the parent is notified via in-app notification, and the device starts playing soothing sounds to calm the baby before the parent can arrive. 


What is the age range for the activities and milestones on the app?

Currently, the app covers activities and milestones for children 0-24 months of age. We are working to expand this.

Is the app suitable for preemies?

Yes. The Wunder app’s recommendations are based on your child’s developmental age, which means we take into account the weeks of gestation when you create their profile.

How are the activities recommended to me? 

Activities are recommended based on your child’s age and the milestones they’re either currently working on or have only recently achieved.

How can I change my baby’s date of birth?

Please email hello@hellowunder.com.

Is there a way to add more than one child?

We currently do not have the ability to add more than one child to the profile. However, we have been asked this question before, and we have put it on the list of features to develop this year.

In the meantime, we recommend that you have your spouse or a co-caregiver set up an account on their phone for your other child, as long as they are between 0-24 months.

Is there an Android app?

Not yet. We hope to have one in the future, so watch this space!


Who is this for?

Wunder Coaching is for any parent or caregiver who wants to talk to a professional child specialist. Some parents have an immediate issue they need help with; some want an on-call expert they can talk to whenever things come up; and some are looking for ongoing guidance, support and advice for their parenting journey.

What kinds of issues can you help with?

We can help you work through a wide range of challenges, including: developmental concerns; sleep problems; behavior issues; language and communication difficulties; feeding challenges; and more.

What ages do you work with?

Our coaches are most familiar with children ages 0-5. Many of the principles of early childhood apply throughout a child’s lifespan, however. If you’d like to talk to us about an older child, we’ll see what we can do to help!

Will you diagnose my child or tell me if they have a developmental delay?

While all of our coaches hold advanced degrees and/or certifications, we are not doctors, nor are we licensed to make any official determinations (such as evaluating a delay for Early Intervention) remotely.

If major concerns about your child’s health or developmental status come up, we will recommend that you contact your pediatrician, and/or put you in touch with your local Early Intervention or Child Find office.

Do I need the Wunder app to sign up?

If your child is under 24 months and you have an iPhone or iPad, we highly recommend you download the app. Many of our strategies incorporate high-quality, developmentally-appropriate activities like the ones we offer on the Wunder app. It’s not required, though -- we welcome any parent who wants to talk to us!